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Yangqin Master
Yangqin ZHAO
 Ms. Zhao is one of the world’s foremost yangqin (Hammered dulcimer) performers. Graduated from Nanjing Normal University majoring in Yangqin, she later headed the faculty of instrumental music at the university. She has won many awards in music competitions in China, including the highest award for folk music in 1982.

  Ms. Zhao has performed and lectured extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe. In 1996 she was invited as one of the 7 world class dulcimer artists to the Tanz & FolkFest Rudolstadt in Germany. She was invited by Lincoln Center to perform at the Internaitonal Folk Arts Festivals in Europe and Australia.

Junzhi CUI
Konghou Master
 As China’s first konghou (Chinese harp) player, Ms. Cui received training in harp both in China and Vienna.

In 1979, she joined a group of maestros in reviving konghou, the ancient instrument that was extinct for centuries. She participated in standardizing the design and in the development of performing techniques.

 Ms. Cui was awarded the Excellent Performance Prize by China’s Ministry of Culture, Honorary Title of Excellent Artist in the First World Harp Competition of America, and First Prize in the World Broadcasting Competition. She has been invited to hold concerts in Asia, Europe and U.S. Her recordings are popular worldwide.

   Mr. Wang, a music educator, composer and performing artist, studied both Chinese and Western music. He plays more than ten instruments, from winds to strings to percussion, and from traditional to pop. Graduated from Nanjing Normal University majoring in Erhu (Chinese fiddle), he became a dedicated researcher in Chinese folk music.

 A winner of numerous composition awards at the state and national levels, Mr. Wang has also performed extensively in Europe, Asia and America.

Yongping TIAN
Erhu Master
 Mr. Tian was retained as erhu (2-string Chinese violin) instructor at Sichuan Conservatory of Music in China for 15 years following his graduation from the institution. Mr. Tian is a winner of multiple performance and music education awards. He has successfully trained many students who became preeminent musicians in China. As the featured erhu soloist in Sichuan Performing Arts Company, he toured Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Germany. Since moving to the San Francisco area in 1997, Mr. Tian divides his time in concert appearances and teaching.

 In a 2002 joint production of CPAA and Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley (BSJSV)--Masters & Masterpieces, Mr Tian performed the erhu concerto Butterlyfly Lovers, accompanied by the BSJSV Orchestra, to rave reviews by critics and audiences alike.

   Maestro Zhang was appointed as Principal Conductor of the Beijing Zongzheng Song and Dance Ensemble in 1983. He frequently appeared on national television as a conductor and his performances were also recorded extensively for broadcast on Chinese National Radio.

 Mr. Zhang received his M.A. in Orchestral Conducting from Indiana University in 1991. He won the top prize in the National Orchestral Conducting Competition in 1985, China. In 1997, he won the first prize in the International Master Conducting Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the past ten years, Mr. Zhang has directed a number of orchestras on the East Coast. Mr. Zhang has had guest appearances with orchestras in USA, China, and Europe.

Principal Dancer
 Mr. Law has been Professor or Music and Asian Studies at City College of San Francisco since 1972. He holds multiple degrees in music from Hong Kong, London and the United States. In addition to frequent performances of the title roles as the Bass and ABaritone soloists in many Bay Area music productions,he has also conducted, directed and produced many musicals and theatrical production.

 Mr. Law has been a member of CPAA's Board of Directors for the past decade has joined CPAA Arts Center's Music Department to give lessons in conducting, chorus and music appreciation.

Xiao Li CHEN
 With a Master's degree in violin performance, Ms. Chen has performed with a number of orchestra and performed as a soloist in a variety of events with her multicultural music selections. Ms. Chen also plays the electronic violin in different musical styles including Chinese, Classical, Country, Jazz and Bluegrass.

 Ms. Chen has been invited to be an Adjudicator for California Music Educatiors Association Solo Ensemble and Orchestra Festival since 1996.

 Ms. Chen teaches violin at her studio. Her students ranges from 4-year-olds to adults. She has joined CPAA Arts Center's Music Department as a violin instructor. .

Tongyi YIN
Guzheng Master
   Ms. Yin received training in guzheng and piano at a tender age with her father, the famous guzheng Master Qiyin Yin. She was later admitted into China Conservatory of Music and studied guzheng classics of different schools, Chinese musicology and music theory. She joined the Oriental Dance Theatre, a national level performing arts company as a guzheng soloist in over 100 performances per year. She has traveled widely abroad in performing tours with her company .

 Since immigrating to the United States in 1993, Ms. Yin devoted her time in Chinese music education and teaching guzheng. Her countless students excel in many music and talent competitions winning grand prizes and special awards. They also perform with symthony orchestras playing guzeng and western music, winning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Piano & Voice Instructor
   Ms. Liu was born into a family of musicians. She began to train in piano at the age of six and won many youth piano competitions in China. After graduating with a Master's degree in the Musical Arts from Sichuan Conseratory of Music, she was invited to join the faculty of the Conservatory where she taught voice, piano and music theory.

 In 1989, Ms. Liu came to the United States to study at Stanford University as a visiting scholar. She later earned her Post-graduate diploma in Music Arts and graduated with honors from San Francisco Conservatory o Music. Upon graduation she joined the Teacher Division of American college of Musicians and open a music studio and has been teaching voice, piano and music theory iin both group and private lessons.

 With 19 years of teaching experience, Ms. Chen is a qualified teacher for the auditions of Royal Schools of Music, Guild, and CM. Many of her students won every audition they entered. She produces an annual recital to showcase her students accomplishments. Ms. Chen is fluent in both English and Chinese. Her passion for music has influenced many young students and winning praises and the confidence of both students and parents.

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